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Our Dance Classes.

For We offer 5 types of Latin dances. Salsa, Bachata, Rueda de Casino, Kizomba, ChaCha and Merengue.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, we run regularly 9 classes a week(36 classes a month).

Origins and Styles

These dances all have their own origin stories and style differences. So feel free to try them out to see which one flows best with you. Salsa of course is the most popular and some say more complex.

Our Prices 

£6 per person   or block of 4 classes - £20 (monthly package)

£9 per person   or block of 4 classes - £30 (monthly package)

Socials Saturday at Dance Studio, Gallowgate:
£3 for students; for Adults £5 includes food and drink.
* If you have already paid for a class, social is free to attend.

Private classes: £47 one to one or couples.

Please call 07766 333024 or email latindanceaberdeen@gmail.com